Ultrasonic Volcanic Flame Aroma Diffuser Essential Oil 360ml USB Portable Air Humidifier With Smoke Ring Night Light Lamp Difuse


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Main material: PP+ABS+electronic components
Moom quantity: flame mode 20-30ml/h; volcanic mode 5–10ml/h
Water tank guest: 360ml
Power: 12W
Full water can use time: 12 hours of flame mode, 36 hours of volcanic mode
Power supply: special power adapter
Atomization principle: 2.4MHZ high-frequency ultrasonic


��Remote control and button dual control

��Two colors (orange light, blue light)

��Two modes (volcanic mode and flame mode)

��Time (2 hours and 8 hours)

��Strange style

��Water -free automatic power off

Usage Method

1. Put the product in a safe and stable place and check whether there are foreign objects in the water tank.
2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the water tank with a water cup to the water tank (water temperature is less than 40 °). Please do not exceed the highest water level line. When exceeding the highest water level line, the product fog will be small.
3. The upper card slot needs to alert the positioning column of the water tank, otherwise it will affect normal work.
4. First insert the DC plug of the power adapter into the DC seat, and then connect to the pass.

Usage Step

STEP 1. Short the left button for the first time. Open the power supply to start the volcanic mode
Short the left button for the second time, after opening the flame mode
Short the left button for the third time, turn off all the functions
STEP 2. Short -button key, switch the light color in order until the light is turned off.

STEP 3. Press the right -click for the first time and automatically shut down at 2H,
Right -click the second time and automatically shut down at 8H.
Right -click the third time. Enter the long spray ON mode.


1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3 cm.

2. Due to the different screens, the colors may be slightly different from your expectations, please allow.

3.In any mode, water -free and shut down will be automatically protected. Please clean the water tank regularly. It is recommended to wash it twice a week. If you do not use it for a long time, pour the water in the water tank and clean it.

Package Included

Aromatherapy machine*1(Without Essential Oil)



Remote control*1 (Not including 2*AAA batteries)

Or 4*Essential Oil

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