SVBONY SV41 MAK Spotting Scope 25-75×70 Powerful Telescope BAK4 FMC Waterproof Camping Equipment for Birdwatching With Tripod

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SV41 Mak Shooting Range Spotting Scope-Both Terrestrial and Astronomical Usage

Maksutov cassegrain optical design spotting scope;is recognized for being compact easy to use and applicable for both terrestrial and astronomical use;being a Mak it naturally has less chroma distortion than refractors in the same price range so it lets you see things like Saturn rings better
5pcs 3 groups zoom eyepiece telescope;Bak4 Prisms that maximizes light transmission;fully multi coated optics for superior brightness large eye lens for comfortable viewing;no false color no image shift during focusing and no tube currents even taking the scope outside to observe immediately in freezing temperatures
IP7 waterproof and fogproof bird scope;Even in harsh environments, it can effectively prevent water droplets from entering
Compact and portable design mini maks;compact so it is easy to transport and set up;feels great in the palm of your hand;compact enough to fit in the range bag;small powerful easy to transport;light enough to use on fairly small tripods or window mounts
Mini mak spotting scope come with tripod;which folds to less than a foot long and weighs almost nothing;would be a good tabletop tripod for small cameras;a nice soft case that covers the scope completely;including a lens cap and eyepiece cap that makes it feel very safe and secure


1.Svbony SV41 25-75×70 Mini Mak Spotting Scope
2.Natural Rubber Skin / Gilding Gold Logo
3.Fine Focus Knob for Focusing (12 Coil stroke)
4.Fold Rubber Eyecup for eyeglasses wearers
5.Fully multi-coated glass lenses deliver the ultimate brightness and resolution
6.Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for WaterProof / FogProof
7.BaK4 prisms offer the clear, bright and crisp images
8.70mm objective lens for super brightness
9.5 PCS /3 Groups Zoom Eyepiece Capable of 25-75x magnification
10.Includes tabletop tripod and soft carrying case
11.Applicable for both terrestrial (land) and astronomical use

Warm Tips:

1. Do not use your product to observe the sun or other strong light directly, or even with the naked eye; otherwise it may cause permanent damage to your eyes.

2. This item requires no routine maintenance other than ensuring that the objective and eyepieces are kept clean. Dirty objectives and/or eyepieces mean less light transmission and loss of brightness and unclear images. Keep optical equipment clean! When not using your items, store them in the boxes provided.

3. Store in a ventilated, dry, clean place or in a dry box.

4. If there is dust and other dirt on the optical lens, please use professional cleaning tools to clean it. Do not wipe directly with cloth or stiff brush

5. Please do not disassemble or repair this product by yourself. If you need repair, please contact our professional after-sales department.

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Buyer’s real shot renderings and evaluation

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Real Viewing

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SV41 25-75×70

Model Number

Svbony SV41

Brand Name



Mainland China

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  1. Anacleto Adornetto

    I left four days later than the other I ordered on the same day, but the magic unfolds the fastest time to arrive… Good to arrive…

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