Remote Control Car Finger Light – Road Rage Signs, Middle Finger Gesture, Hand Lamp Sticker, Glow Panel for Racing Window – Fun and Unique Accessory

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Funny Car Finger Light with Remote, Road Rage Signs Middle Finger Gesture Light


With the rapid development of LED technology, visitors become explorers. The smallest design provides the total light effect, provides excellent visual comfort and reduces the brightness in the upper emission corner. The luminous efficiency level exceeds 158%. The installation type meets the needs and production of many of the most demanding space designers.

Great gesture display lamp

Show your feelings to other drivers immediately in a safe and interesting way.

This gesture light has three gesture modes, which can help remind and attract the attention of other drivers, or A kind driver shows your love or thanks. Of course, a driver turns a bird onto the road to do annoying things.


Bright enough in the day and night

It is composed of 176 LED lamp beads. Gesture car gadgets are bright and clear enough for you to use in the day and night, to ensure that other drivers can clearly see Gesture gesture lights. This is a cool car gadget for drivers. Powered by three AA batteries (not included), it can be used for about 6-7 months and can stand by for 8.2 months (0.44 mA).

The optional (0.20mA) can be used for about 8-9 months, and the standby can be up to 17 months. If the light is dim, replace it with a new battery.

Easy installation

Simply tear off the tape on the Gesture lamp and remote control, paste it in your ideal place and press it for 30 seconds (please clean the place you want to paste in advance); Then you can start showing interesting gestures.


Package included

1* Gesture handheld device (excluding battery) is attached

1* Remote control (excluding battery) is attached

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Model Name

Car Finger Light

Item Type

Atmosphere Lamp


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