Professional Telescope for Adults, Newtonian Reflector, Astronomy Telescopes, Comes with 1.5X Barlow, 130EQ

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Telescope 130EQ Newtonian Reflector Telescopes for Adults, Professional Telescopes for Adults Astronomy, Comes with 1.5X Barlow Lens Smartphone Adapter & 13% T Moon Filter

A telescope is an optical instrument that uses a concave lens and a convex lens to observe distant objects. The light that passes through the lens is refracted or the light is reflected by the concave mirror to make it enter the small hole and converge to form an image, and then pass through a magnifying eyepiece to be seen.

The SOLOMARK telescopes integrate knowledge and interest, enabling the majority of astronomy enthusiasts to understand the world of astronomy while appreciating the mysteries of astronomy, enlighten wisdom, broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, and stimulate enthusiasm for scientific exploration of the astronomical world!


Large Apeture – 130mm super lager object lens can focus more light sources and make the field of vision wider.

German Technical Equatorial Mount – Precise positioning and fast tracking of celestial bodies make your observation more stable.

Carbon Fiber – This material has the advantages of not only the beauty and mystic, but also high strength, excellent heat resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance, small heat capacity, and excellent corrosion and radiation resistance.

6X 30mm Finderscope – This finderscope is different with other 5X24 finderscope. It is easier to find the object.

Lightweight and Precise – The lightweight frame structure, the lightness of the main lens barrel and aluminum alloy tripod are unexpected.

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Larger Object Lens

The vast universe is endless, and the planet you want to explore and observe is at the location. You need a larger aperture telescope to receive more light sources and images. 130mm is your ideal choice.

Equatorial Mount- EQ3

The EQ-3 type equatorial mount is more stable and accurate.

1.5X Erecting Barlow Lens

Reflector telescopes are upside down imaging. In order to meet your needs for upright imaging, we have specially added a 1.5X magnification upright image Barlow lens.

Aluminum Tripod

Each leg of the tripod is composed of three aluminum alloys with a width of 1.2 inches. Accessory tray bracket adds to the stability of the tripod.

1.5X Magnification Phone Adapter

The phone adapter is designed for the eyepiece K10mm K20mm. On the end of the adaptor, there is a 1.5X Barlow Lens glass. You can also remove it to get a normal magnify image.

2 Eyepieces for Different Details

The magnification is not the bigger the better. We provide 2 eyepieces for this 130650 telescope which brings 32X and 65X magnification.

F70070EQ F500114AZ F70080EQ F40070AZ F40070AZB

Optical Design Refractor Reflector Refractor Refractor Refractor

Aperture 70mm 114mm 80mm 70mm 70mm

Focal Length 700mm 500mm 700mm 400mm 400mm

Erecting Images

Tripod Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Aluminum

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