Collagen Wrinkle Remover Face Serum Lift Firming Anti Aging Fade Fine Lines Whitening Brighten Moisturizing Skin Care Cosmetics

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Collogen Remove Wrinkle Face Serum Lifting Fade Fine Lines Anti Aging Brightening Moisturizing Firming Essence Face Skin Care


Face brightening serums have a very refreshing texture. So it is very convenient for our skin to absorb.

The smooth formula used in Collagen Boost Serums is gentle and non-irritating.

Wrinkles essence serums Dark spots serums help fade the signs of wrinkles.

▶Rich in a variety of natural nutrients, deep moisturizing and long-term moisturizing.All-Natural Formula Anti-aging formula such as amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and peptides that promotes collagen and elastin production. Makes overall skin firm and glossy to retain your youthful look

▶Capacity: 30ml

▶Size: 3.2*8.3cm\1.25×3.26in

▶Weight: about 41g

▶Product List

Collagen Firming Essence*1

★What does skin aging make us suffer?

As you get older, your skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile.Skin repairs at a much slower rate than when you are young.This causes loose, saggy skin and more-pronounced lines and creases.

★Skin is not loose,not sagging, not wrinkled

▶1.Locks in moisture, stimulates collagen production, erase wrinkles, brightens Skin.

▶2.Produce a powerful anti-aging effect, smooth penetration into the skin, improve sagging, sagging and wrinkle problems and brighten the skin.

▶3.Collagen Anti-Aging Firming Serum Lightens and brightens uneven skin tones for fairer skin with a radiant glow.

Collagen Anti-Aging Firming Serum Consisting of 7 key ingredients that lock in moisture,stimulate collagen production, eliminate wrinkles and repair damage, making it the ultimate facial anti-aging serum.

★Wash- Free Serum, can be fully absorbed by the skin.

– Deeply moisturize skin.

-Make skin crystal clear and unlock permeable light muscle.

– Can tighten skin and make skin more elastic.

– Prevent dynamic wrinkles and fine lines that have not yet formed.

– Suitable for people of different ages.

– Suitable for every skin type: dry skin, oily skin,combination skin,sensitive skin, and mature skin.

– It can further nourish and whiten skin.

– Advanced Nanomaterial Packaging.Freshest Serum. Germ-Free.

– Can be used both day and night.

– Safe to use.



▶Vitamin E




★How to use

Step1.After cleaing apply appropriate amount of product in the center of the palm.

Step2.Apply a thin layer of serum on the facial skin.

Step3.Fully pat each areas of the face to help it absorb.


30ml, 50ml, 90ml, 100ml

Number of Pieces

One Unit

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