583x High Quality 76700 Astronomical Telescope Reflector with Aluminum Alloy Tripod 0.965 Inch Eyepiece 700mm for Beginner


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–The 76700 astronomical telescope is a high-performance reflective astronomical observation device with multiple magnifications and star finder functions, allowing you to observe more details and beautiful scenery.

–This telescope uses a 76mm objective diameter and a 700mm objective focal length, combined with multiple eyepiece focal lengths, to achieve a magnification of up to 583 times, allowing you to observe clear and delicate celestial phenomena.

–The telescope is made of metal material, with a sturdy structure and a specially treated surface, which has excellent rust prevention, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

–The optical glass and high-quality ABS material endow the telescope with excellent optical performance and stability, ensuring long-term observation results.

–The reflective lens design of this telescope allows light to enter the observer's eye after a single reflection, reducing the loss and distortion of light inside the lens, and improving image quality and resolution.

–The star finder adopts a 5×24 design, which can help you quickly locate and observe the target celestial body.

–A Barlow Lens can further increase magnification and achieve more precise observation results.

–The 76700 astronomical telescope is suitable for various scenarios, such as professional observatories, observing constellations, and field trips. Its lightweight, portable, easy to operate, and wide field of view make it an ideal tool for astronomical observation, shooting the starry sky, and exploring the universe.

–When using this telescope, please note the following points: Do not expose the telescope to direct sunlight or high temperatures for a long time to avoid affecting its performance and lifespan. When using a telescope, please ensure that the environment is bright and unobstructed to improve the observation effect. Do not point the telescope in a dangerous direction, such as strong light sources, explosives, etc., to avoid injury. Before using the telescope, please read the manual carefully to understand the correct usage method and precautions.

【Product Parameter】

1. Type: Reflective Astronomical Telescope

2. Magnification: 35x/42x/58x/87.5x/116x/140x/175x/291x/583x

3. Finderscope: 5X24

4. Objective lens diameter: 76mm

5. Eyepiece: H6mm,F12mm, H20mm

6. Focal Length: 700mm

7. Teleconverter: 1.5X, 5X

【The Main Functions】

1. High definition, max 583 times magnification, easy to see moon craters, craters, ravines on the moon.

2. A perfect entry-level telescope.

3. When the weather is clear and in the good condition, you can see the signs of Saturn's rings and Jupiter stripes (the largest dark line), Jupiter, Venus, nebulae, constellations, meteor showers, etc.



76700BLACK, 76700GREEN, 76700WHITE, 76700RED

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israel, CHINA, spain, Russian Federation

Lens Material




Focal Length


Lens Coating Description

Multi-layer coating

Objective Lens Diameter




Model Number





Mainland China

Brand Name



6mm, 12mm, 20mm

Barlow lens

1.5x, 5x



Usage scenario

Camping, hiking, trip, study


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