Maree Eye Gel Pads – Reduce Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Eye Bags – Natural Marine Collagen Eye Gels with Hyaluronic HA – Anti Aging Eye Mask Patches & Face Moisturizer

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πŸ’Ž Under Eye Gel Patches – Improve your looks light & easy! Fast & delicate fix for tired eyes, featuring marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and premium pearl extract. Eye gels de-puff under eye area, brighten dark circles, and hydrate and plump skin for an anti-aging effect. Pearl masks may also lift & firm dull skin. Feel good, look great! πŸ’Ž Get Amazing Eye Masks! – Be a winner with top-quality eye gels. Eyes are the first thing people notice – stay confident and look your best. Hydrogels start work just in 5 minutes! Cool before use, and apply to clean dry area under the eyes. Leave on for 5-15 minutes for perfect results. High-end beauty will make you feel refreshed, awake & youthful. πŸ’Ž Relaxing Experience – Maree delivers quick deep hydration and soothes fatigue easily. Refresh your lifestyle after crazy party last night. You can relax in a “me-time” to get in your comfort zone & de-stress urban damage. Try our innovative research and anti wrinkle technology for awesome skincare benefits! Discover, Enjoy & Inspire. πŸ’Ž Clinically Studied Beauty – Your eye patches are safe & effective. 97% of Maree surveyed customers said eye gels helped reduce puffiness & eye bags. 100% of survey participants felt skin more soothed & hydrated. 92% of participants reported dark circles less noticeable and under the eye area brighter. Maree totally outperformed generic eye patches in the survey. πŸ’Ž Loved by Thousands – We love customer creativity! Your favorite brand is social and feels joy from beautiful images, videos & feedback. We are happy to see you in a good mood. Please share your success with @meetmaree or #ilovemaree! You are the customer we have been looking for – let us see your true beauty.

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10 reviews for Maree Eye Gel Pads – Reduce Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Eye Bags – Natural Marine Collagen Eye Gels with Hyaluronic HA – Anti Aging Eye Mask Patches & Face Moisturizer

  1. TSL

    Per my Amazon history, I have bought a box of these things 9 times now, all this year (2023). All paid for with my own money, full price.For someone who has never been brand loyal to eye patches, that’s a pretty big deal.I’ve tried tons of different brands in the past, at all kinds of price points. As of this review, these are unquestionably my favorite (hence the multiple purchases!).I like that they come individually wrapped. I realize this isn’t ideal from an environmental perspective, but as someone who travels a lot, it’s very nice to have the ability to toss just exactly the number of pairs I need in my travel cosmetics bag and go. I also hate the little spatula that comes in the eye patch containers where they’re all together – I’ve yet to master getting a pair out without getting more than what I need OR getting my fingers all in the container goo, which seems to negate the whole point of the spatula.I digress.Anyway, I keep these in my fridge for extra cooling, and more mornings than not, I toss on a pair as I’m getting my day going. Having tried so many different brands of these, I especially appreciate that these Maree patches have actual staying power and generally don’t move very much (if at all) once I apply them. So many other brands end up on my cheekbones within a few minutes, and these actually stay under my eyes.I wear them for generally around half an hour – they’re so comfortable that sometimes an hour goes by and it’s not until I’m about to hop on a conference call that I realize I’m still wearing them!But the most important thing is that they work. Now, look – these are not magically going to make you look well-rested after a night out at the bar and too little sleep (ask me how I know). There’s just a point where you’re beyond help with that. But as someone who tends to have dark circles and eye bags no matter how much sleep I get, these things really do help minimize both of those things, especially if used consistently.My one complaint – albeit minor – is that the packaging for the individual pairs can be a little finicky and tough to open. It’s nothing that a small cut with a pair of scissors can’t solve, but I do wish it’s something Maree would address moving forward.But get these! The glitter is fun, and their effectiveness makes them a winner.

  2. Kayla

    First off I have very sensitive skin and it is hard to try out new products because most don’t agree with me or they don’t work. But these eye gels have been amazing! My eyes aren’t as puffy once I use them. Also I have very dark under eye circles and it has helped reduce some of the darkness. I’m very pleased and happy with these eye gels and will continue using them and ordering more when I run out.

  3. dennadenna

    I love these eye gels for my dark circles and puffy eyes after a long weeks or days. I also love that they are very colorful and cute. They are perfect for self-care days with your girlfriends or just you. I put them in the fridge to add a cooling effect. Just make sure you don’t have too much serum on them or they will slide off. But I also like adding more serum as it dries out and leaving them on longer. Absolutely love these and very good quality for the price compared to others!

  4. Sure-Lee

    These are so cute, and what I love the most is that they don’t break you out nor do they make you itch. I have very sensitive skin and break out from almost everything. The ingredients are also amazing!

  5. Jessie

    If you have dark or bags under your eyes this is the best thing, I love this I put it on in the morning and by the time I’m done with my coffee my eyes look amazing again

  6. scvguy

    These are the real deal! I kept seeing these on TikTok, so I decided to give them a go. I’m a guy and I loved them. They kinda felt like that cold green slime from the 70s, but I quickly got over that. I left these on longer than the suggested 15 minutes. When I took them off, I couldn’t believe my eyes! All of the puffiness and bluish color under my eyes was gone. My skin was smooth and felt tight. I’m sure it’s only temporary, but I couldn’t stop looking at myself. I felt young again!I’m definitely, most, most definitely buying these again and looking to try out their other products.You won’t be sorry with these! I wasn’t πŸ™‚

  7. Kyra Bazan

    I used it twice, it works really well for the dark circles, skin around my eyes improved and I can see using this product as part of my face routine. Did not do do much about the bag under my eyes.

  8. Bri Met β—‘Μˆ

    I was gifted these and loved them so much I stocked up!!! They are super cute with the glitter and colors and I love that they are super hydrating! Easy to travel with too!!

  9. Tyler

    These definitely make my skin feel very hydrated but they’re also so pretty. I love putting them on in a bath or when I just want to hydrate the skin around my eyes

  10. Lisa P.

    I read the review on this product and decided to retry it . Well I love them !!!! I can put on in the moening when I’m getting ready for work and they don’t slide like the thin ones that come with the spoon and rip. I get bags under my left eye from my c- pap a nine and I’m so happy that these work . Just wish they had more than 12 in a box . I keep them in the refrigerator. Will def buy more . Also bought facial mask but haven’t tried it yet .

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