Kawaii Chicken Plushie from Stardew Valley

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The cutest and softest chicken ever!

Meet the most adorable Chicken Plushie ever created. This little, calm, fluffy ball is here to help you ease your stress. Let it assist you with any task, while you sink into its softness and squishiness. Life becomes easier with this tiny chicken friend from Stardew Valley.

Available in four colours and measures 20cm tall.

The perfect gift for your loved ones!

Whether you place this plushie in your bed before sleeping or give it as a gift, everyone will adore our gentle chicken plushie. Your loved ones will enjoy the company of our chubby, round chicken, so surprise them with one today!


πŸ’– Stuffed with 100% high-quality PP cotton

😴 Aids in your sleeping posture

πŸ’– Encourages relaxation with its incredibly soft material

😊 Safe for allergies and asthma

Plushie sizes:

Sizes might be a bit different (1-3cm) due to the way PP cotton expands and compresses.


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