Desktop Punching Bag Stress Buster – Heavy Duty Stress Relief Ball with Strong Suction Cups – Funny Gifts for Stress Reduction


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Eliminate stress and combat fatigue from long hours of work with our Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag, designed to improve your mental well-being.

1. Made from premium nubuck PU leather for outstanding durability and high density.

2. Features resilient springs that ensure the boxing ball bounces back with each strike.

3. Boasts a 70KG suction cup that attaches easily to wood, glass, tile, or marble surfaces.


Product Name: Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

Materials: PU Leather; Stainless Steel; PU Foam


Height: Approximately 40cm/15.71 inches

Base Diameter: Approximately 17.7cm/6.96 inches

Package Contents:



1*Speed Ball

1*Air Pump (Random Style and Color)

Please Note:

Color differences may occur in the product due to lighting effects and shooting angles.

Tolerance in product size might be present due to manual measurement.

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1.Suitable for Reducing Pressure: This punching bag is functional to reduce stress. When you feel depressed, you can use it to let off your bad emotions, and at the same time, it can also relieve the fatigue of long hours of work.

2.User-Friendly Design: Attributed to the 70KG suction power of our desktop punch bag, you can easily connect it to wood, glass, tile, or marble. It will provide you with a perfect pressure release experience.

3.First-Class Material: You can use our high density and durable punching bag holder with confidence becuase it is made of nubuck PU leather. The hand-sewn top has a good air tightness to prevent air leakage during use.

4.Helpful Alloy Spring: Thanks to the helpful alloy spring of our punch bag, adults and kids can use it to make them calm down easily. Every time you hit the boxing ball, it will bounce back.

5.Wide Applications: With a wide range of applications, our stress-relieving tabletop sandbag is perfect for use at the home, office, school, and more, helping you reduce different pressures.


Black, Sky Blue

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China, United States, SPAIN, France

Model Number

Desktop Punch Bag


Sandbag Category


>6 Years


Mainland China


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