Baseus Magnetic Digital Countdown Timer – Kitchen Alarm Clock, Manual Desk Clock, Cooking and Study Stopwatch for Enhanced Productivity


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Large Display Screen ,Setting Minutes / Seconds

Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer Pro

Feature: Counting up and down / HD digital display / Rotate to timing / Back magnet and bracket

Minute range : 00-99 Second range : 00-55

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Manage Time Accurately Every Second Counts

This count up and down timer is applicable to work , study and living


Counting Down for Meetings

This countdown timer helps meetings become efficient and punctual

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Counting Up for Learning

The Pomodoro Technique makes work efficiently and arranges time reasonably

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Always Forgetting about Food Cooking on the Stove ? A Bell to Remind You

Set the time at will and keep ringing for a long time to attract your attention

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HD Digital Display

A large LED digital display shows numbers clearly and accurately

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Metal Texture , Simple and Stylish

The round shape and the material of ABS and aluminium alloy present beautiful appearance and exquisite process

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Set Your Time Say Goodbye to Procrastination

Rotate the outer ring at a fast speed to set minutes and at a slow speed to set hours

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Hidden Bracket Upright Position and Adjustable Angles

The timer can be used in upright position because of back damped rotary shaft for better view angles . 0-80° adiustable angles


Magnetic Hanging Stable

The back magnet can attract on metal surface such as fridges

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Three Levels of Volume Do not Disturb others

Three-position timing reminder to adapt to the needs of different environments for volume

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Portable and Handy

Small enough to be put into a bag and pocket

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Detail Function

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Press and Rotate Simple Setup

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Product Parameters

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Scene Presentation

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Time of endurance

3 months

Feature 5

Magnetic Electronic Cooking Countdown Timer

Feature 4

LED Digital Kitchen Timer

Feature 3

Magnetic Installation

Feature 2

LED Round Screen Digital Display

Feature 1

Adjustable Sound Reminder

Volume gears

mute 0db/small volume gear 60-70db/large volume gear 80-90db

Timing range

0-99 minutes,0-55 seconds

Working temperature

0-50 degree

Timers Type

Digital Timers


4.5V(3*AAA Batteries Model number without battery)


Cooking Alarm Counter


Baking Reminder

Model Number

Countdown Alarm Clock Kitchen Timer




Mainland China

Brand Name


Feature 6

Heyo rotation countdown timer


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