5G Wifi E27 Bulb Surveillance Camera Night Vision Automatic Human Tracking 4X Digital Zoom Video smart home Security Monitor

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5G Wifi E27 Bulb Surveillance Camera Night Vision Full Color Automatic Human Tracking 4X Digital Zoom Video Security Monitor Camera


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Sensor Size

200W 5G Camera, 32G 200W 5G Camera, 64G 200W 5G Camera, 128G 200W 5G Camera, 100W 2.4G Camera

AI Functions

Motion Detection

Shell Material


Color Night Vision


Power Mode

Mains Electricity

Movement Range(Tilt)


Digital Zoom




TF Card


Power Supply










Audio Output

Two Way Audio

Viewing Angle


IR Distance(m)


Alarm Action

telefon Alarm

Supported Mobile Systems


Special Features




Model Number

E27 Bulb

Supported Operating Systems


Lens (mm)




High Definition

2.0 Megapixels


Dome Camera

Brand Name



E27 bulb


Mainland China



Smart home platform


60 reviews for 5G Wifi E27 Bulb Surveillance Camera Night Vision Automatic Human Tracking 4X Digital Zoom Video smart home Security Monitor

  1. Jaimee Harter

    Good quality product, as per description. When I arrived in Brazil, I was taxed. Recommend seller. The boxes arrived crumpled, but I believe for the transportation. I haven’t tested it yet, but then I leave new comment.

  2. Anacleto Adornetto

    For such a penny, then it’s not nice, they put a 32 GB card

  3. Gérald Noir

    Excellent already ordered 4 can handle the 100 from 100

  4. Korey Wu

    I arrived very fast …. I am testing… but I have problems with the Qr code, it is not read or installed in the Wiffi, yesterday ask the system for more Cable separation of 5G bands, 2.4G… but so it doesn’t settle on the network… I’m going to continue testing today

  5. Lakisha Mullenix

    Woooooww wonderful product.
    Brings the chip and even the thread to fix it to the ceiling.
    Excellent product and quality, super recommended the seller.

  6. Roderick Roth

    Very nice quality picture and it can be turned in any direction from the app on your phone. Everything is ma able true the app. camera direction, caption, microphone and speaker, additional lighting and IR for Night vision. Only the camera captures a little small space at one once, you have to move it around to see more. I think it is more suitable for a surveillance of a bigger area(space), than one room. otherwise not a long delay and picture quality is not bad.First 2 photos are screenshots from the app and the other 2 are made using my phone’s camera.

  7. Alfonso Villapol

    Top product, arrived before the deadline, just the installation Q and a little complicated!!

  8. Lelah Pelosi

    The box arrived with dents, a bit dispainted on the machine itself. Good camera resolution.

  9. Aasiyah Haney

    Arrived before the deadline everything came right, memory card I am satisfied with delivery.

  10. Jannette Wilmes

    The order arrived in 7 days!!! The product is as described in the publication.

  11. Samirah Hood

    10/10 It comes very well packaged, last time it arrived in poor condition but in general everything is fine, I still have to try it but at first glance it is good

  12. Coleen Dragon

    Very good product and seller, in my case if I could configure the camera very quickly and if it records in the sd without problem, if I can see the recorded and it is not necessary to contract the cloud, the first day

  13. Xose Mendez

    Excellent cameras, can be connected without external wi-fi, only with the same camera and the Smartphone, all the ones I ordered have already been sold and I am about to ask for more, I recommend a lot to the seller

  14. Windy Milnes

    It is very well condition arrived on time I only need proof, it is super

  15. Ellie Julius

    Simply excellent quality MATERIAL ratio quality price OK, recommended product and seller

  16. Patty Balser

    Article has arrived on time. Packaging unfortunately crushed but goods are fine. Not yet put into operation

  17. Aamir Boyd

    Thanks to the seller, received the camera, there is no way to check yet, hope it works.

  18. Miriam Perry

    2nd one I bought, linked both with no problem! easy very happy with all!!!

  19. Reiko Jeanlouis

    Received on time, I have not yet installed the product to test…

  20. Maximilien Chopin

    Arrived early and has already been tested, works well, set up fast, good functions and activations

  21. Ira Forster

    I really arrived very soon, with good packaging and perfect condition, now to try it!! Recommendations to the seller!!

  22. Franchesca Schwebach

    The camera came without a sticker with QR code, it is therefore not possible to connect to it by scanning this (missing) QR code

  23. Winston Hyde

    perfect item came quickly and wasn’t damaged works great and customer service was excellent.

  24. Renesmae Knapp

    I have not tested yet but I have already found another and very good

  25. Finn Junkermann

    I already had a camera of the same brand and I sincerely recommend it 100%. Works very well. It has night vision and light can be activated although it is not very powerful.

  26. Fritz Filippi

    Product arrived fast plus the installation of the application is complicated

  27. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Excellent and arrived ahead of time of course I will make more orders again

  28. Shante Dezern

    Thank you for the order arrived before the deadline I will buy more items hugs
    Is already in operation

  29. Starr Lheureux

    Received before date, very quickly I need to try, I comment later how it was. I arrived well but the very sensitive packaging only plastic bag

  30. Jaqueline Phipps

    The images look very good, I am quite satisfied, really recommended the seller, product arrived in good condition and in the indicated time. So satisfied with the. Product I bought 2 more

  31. Ted Basye

    Is the second camera that I bought, it works very well, but have the attention that to be accompanied by movements, and have space to record in the clouds, you have to pay. Out of that all right. Buy with memory card to record without paying for the clouds.

  32. Liberatore Accordino

    Product 100% with the description, arrived before the deadline, only test is missing.

  33. Niam Mullins

    I think I threw my money away I can’t snap I tried in all ways I couldn’t if someone could help me snap I accepted help

  34. Gayla Tincher

    Good packaging and everything matches the separate description brings all its accessories.
    Good price-quality option

  35. Shanda Gatling

    Arrived long before time in excellent condition, all very well sealed and nothing damaged, the only detail is that you struggle a lot to scan the qr code that comes in the instructions

  36. Speranzio Bartolone

    Arrived very fast, excellent product, easy to configure on the phone, the bad thing is that it does not record even if it has the memory card, if you press record it does, but it always asks you to pay for cloud recording, but it works excellent, it fulfills the function I need, hopefully it lasts.

  37. Olevia Lauder

    Nice camera, fits in lamp holders with large fitting. Go try M Strax immediately ff. But T R looks good.

  38. Iside Casaletto

    In Verda la canta is super easy to install has audio and a clear image, I did the video with her

  39. Gianmaria De Sario

    Arrived on time, I haven’t tested it yet, it came with the memory card, right as in the statement.

  40. Gérald Courbet

    I give it 4 stars since for the price that I buy them, which was almost 500 pesos the 64gb version, the cameras their video quality is not the best or worst, when it comes to turning the camera and if you have the microphone on, listen as it moves, when it comes to setting it up, I had no problems, The only thing I don’t like is that if you want to see something that was recorded 10 minutes ago, it won’t let you see it, you have to wait until the other day for it to be recorded in the memory to see, and if you want to see that, you have to buy the cloud, The motion sensor moves alone,
    But for the price I buy, I agree with what I pay
    64gb is 10 days of recording quite good if they are not stolen

  41. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Arrived very fast less than 15 days inland from the northeast.

  42. Joseph Garreau

    It works excellent more however I was unlucky that the turn did not work but the very good seller helped me with a fair refund

  43. Chae Jiang

    The package is damaged but the camera is not.
    Some problems with the installation but now it is ok ….

  44. Dieter Krist

    I got this product in less than 14 days and it works amazing the video quality is pretty decent for a $10 security camera. for some reason I couldn’t upload the screenshot and I had to take a picture of that screenshot.

  45. Bonnie Montes

    You can see the camera, I just need to try it to check how it works.

  46. Marchelle Dowden

    Must be a great product, I haven’t tested it yet but it will definitely surprise me.

  47. Sigmund Bruckmann

    Very fast delivery, even the box was damaged a little, but the product arrived well

  48. Gage Edmonds

    The camera is great, it has great image, easy installation. The lighting light is very dim, it only serves as a support for lighting the camera image. Remote command works perfectly. Super recommend as a camera.

  49. Aliya Fernandez

    I like it i put out door inside light cover it is working signal and motion sensor and send me massage to phone in time and soon I will buy more from you

  50. Mammie Aguiniga

    Great cost benefit. Easy installation. Limitation on the use of the application, difficulty in finding the recordings of the card. App always tries to push the premium version.

  51. Durante Sciara

    Not tested but it looks all OK!! I like it, it’s already the 2 I buy!! Thank you to the shopkeeper!!

  52. Germain Beaumont

    Excellent results, Camera is very smooth to move on any side as mentioned about Rotation. They shipped it very fast. Quality is excellent. Recommended

  53. Craig Piro

    Good product complies with what you specify, how good you can connect more cell phones to see the camera.

  54. Efan Wharton

    They have just arrived before the indicated date and the construction quality of the cameras is noticeable, they are not installed yet but when it is made I will leave a comment

  55. Fukumoto Shusake

    Very good camera just haven’t been able to install her yet.

  56. Derrick Sclafani

    What to connect, you need to have a crush, the QR code could have been pasted, the picture quality is very poor (not even HD).

  57. Della Drew

    Very good impressions, it seems a lie everything that can be done, good image quality, you can see from where you want with the app, you do not need to be connected to the WiFi itself. Very happy, I plan to buy another one.

  58. Enrique Lutz

    Easy to install. But NOT working with memory card on with cloud. Other things are OK.

  59. Andrea Xiong

    Good, easy installation but does not work in 5 G not this part and lie, so if buying Please be aware that and only 2.4G will be angry and will not be able to install

  60. Thibault Silvestre

    I was taxed in 92% but arrived as ordered and it worked perfectly.

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