Baby Automatic Sprinkler Bath Toy

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Introducing our Baby Automatic Sprinkler Bath Toy, a delightful companion for your baby’s bath time. With its cute cartoon whale design, water spray feature, and colorful flashing lights, this bath toy is sure to make bath time more enjoyable and engaging for your little one.

Here are the key features and benefits of our Baby Automatic Sprinkler Bath Toy:

Interactive Bath Time Fun: The cute cartoon whale design, water spray function, and colourful flashing lights of our bath toy will capture the attention of your baby, making bath time more entertaining. It helps exercise children’s color discrimination, hearing, and hands-on abilities, promoting their sensory development.

Safe and High-Quality: Our bath toy is made of high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability and safety. The round edges design protects your child’s skin during playtime. The soft light is not dazzling and the toy is tasteless, fade-resistant, and prevents electricity leakage, providing a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for your baby.

Fully Automatic and Easy to Operate: The water sprinkler toy has an automatic sensing feature. Simply install the batteries (3 AAA, not included) and place the toy on the water. It will automatically sense and absorb water from the bottom, spraying an appropriate height water column. When taken out of the water, all effects stop immediately, requiring no manual operation.

Versatile and Gift-Worthy: Our sprinkler bathtub toy can be used in the bathtub, swimming pool, shower, or even outdoors and at the beach. It is suitable for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages, making it a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, or any special occasion.

Convenient and Reliable Service: We value good communication and provide timely customer support. If you have any questions or concerns about our product, please reach out to us. To ensure proper usage, be sure to place the waterproof rubber ring in the designated position before placing the toy in water, and remove the batteries and store them in a dry environment after use.

Enhance your baby’s bath time experience with our Baby Automatic Sprinkler Bath Toy. Its interactive features, safety, and ease of use make it an ideal companion for fun-filled bathing sessions. Enjoy the colourful lights, water spray, and the joy it brings to your little one.


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