150 Time Professional Astronomical Telescope for Space Monocular 70MM Eyepiece Powerful Binoculars for Star Camping

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1.Astronomical telescopes can help your kids get rid of computer games
2.Can watch the nebula, moon and Mars, very suitable for amateurs and students
3.You can also watch the scenery and bird watching


Professional Astronomical Telescope
Magnification: 150X
Objective Diameter: 70mm
Eyepieces: 20mm, 6mm
Barlow Lens: 3x
Tripod Material: Aluminum alloy

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1.45M Astronaut, White Short Tripod, 1.45M High Yellow, 1.45M High White, Black Short Tripod, 1.45 High Blue

Field of View


Eyepiece diameter


Prism Description


Water Resistance Level


Objective Lens Diameter


Lens Coating Description



150 Time

Focus Type







Mainland China

10 reviews for 150 Time Professional Astronomical Telescope for Space Monocular 70MM Eyepiece Powerful Binoculars for Star Camping

  1. Lorean Soni

  2. Diedra Spath

    Very pleased with the purchase. We ordered the child for the birthday and is satisfied. The telescope came with a bag and a good rose. Thank you very much!

  3. Kemberly Roza

    My comment cannot be of much contribution today, since it was bought with the purpose of sending it for Christmas to my grandson, who lives in another city, reason that will not be assembled or tested until it reaches your hands, there I will give a more up-to-date and sure comment on its use again.
    For now just add that your delivery was very fast in perfect embolium with air protection and with a beautiful backpack in which everything comes very well ordered and practical.

  4. Gage Edmonds

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it arrived well protected, the pieces look good.

    After trying it I will leave an additional review.

  5. Gayla Tincher

    Came well before the delivery forecast!! Well packed and of great quality equal advertised!! Congratulations to the seller, reliable

  6. Alisa Watts

    This super I managed to calibrate the search engine with the telescope I will shut it up at night

  7. Maximilien Chopin

    Very good article with everything necessary for the use of observing the stars

  8. Korey Wu

    It came earlier than the previous delivery date and the packaging was safe.
    Today, when I put it in, the lens is slightly braided.
    I’m in a hurry.
    I ordered my child to see each other.
    If you had one more inspection before shipping, I think you would have found a fault.

  9. Ted Basye

    Good product. I still haven’t been able to assemble all the lens filters because the manual is in English, but you can see at a considerable distance. I recommend it.

  10. Demarcus Mcmullen

    Well, with your own money norms. I. E. poor quality, but I expected this. In total it costs so much-a tripod, a backpack… Different lenses, the finder is almost useless. Without maximizing anywhere else.

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